The ESTA or electronic system for travel authorization is a system that determines whether or not one can travel to US this is provided for by the Visa Waiver Program it permits citizens of more than thirty-eight countries that include: Europe, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Estonia among other countries.

Any international travellers who would like to travel to the United States using the VWP are required to apply for the ESTA. They must be from a country that is eligible for the VWP, they must be travelling to the United States for a period less than three months.

They must not be in possession of a visitor’s visa to the US, you must be visiting the US for tourism travel or business travel, you must be applying for a new form or be making the application online for one or more people or a group of people.


What do you need

  • Passeport en cours de validité
  • Avoir une adresse email valide
  • Remplir votre application ESTA
  • Disposer d’un moyen de paiement

When your e-visa USA is approved, the validity of the document is for two years
or until when the passport expires whichever of the two options comes first.

ESTA in 4 words

  • Electronic Visa for US
  • 90 days in the country
  • Validity of 2 years
  • Online application

Whats is the cost?

As of eighth September, 2010 The traveller is required to pay a fee for the official ESTA application. You are required to pay An authorisation charge this is charged if your online application is approved and the travel authorisation is provided under the VWP you will have to pay an additional fee.

The processing fee is the other charge you will have to pay this is made by all applicants of the ESTA, the amount payable. You should note that the authorisation charge will only be made if tall the informations are correct if it is not then you should correct the form.

Validity of the document

A traveller can be able to travel a number of times using the ESTA without having to apply for another or applying for a visa which makes the ESTA US very opportune for entrepreneurs who would need it for business travel to the US for a reason or another a number of times within the two year period the ESTA is valid for.

For returning applicants you should note that when using the e-visa USA you can only stay up to a maximum of ninety days for every visit the same applies for tourism travel. 

How to Check your statut

After you have submitted the required documents that include a valid passport and information needed for the official ESTA application, then you need to keep checking what is happening to your application online to see whether your application has been authorised.

When you connect to the website you can be able to check your ESTA statut, review your application, update your approved or unpaid application  and check your payment. 


Submit your application online and receives your ESTA by email