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Electronic visa for Turkey
Turkey is a huge country with many tourist attractions. Every year, millions of tourists go there to visit its beauties. In order to facilitate the stay of tourists, the Turkish Government has set up a visa-free system for citizens of a large number of countries whose stay is less than or upl to 90 days. This is the case for France and Switzerland, whose citizens may enter the Turkish territory only by showing their passport or their identity card whose validity period must exceed at least 90 days the date they enter the territory.

Belgium though, is not a eligible for this exemption. Belgian citizens will therefore have to apply for an electronic visa from the Turkish consular authorities. Once they get it, their e-visa will be valid for a period of 180 days, during which time the holder may reside on site for a up to 90 days. This visa entitles you to as many entries and exits as needed.

If Belgian citizens go on a cruise going to Turkey, they will have to apply for an e-visa. An e-visa will then be requested if their cruise starts or ends on the Turkish territory or if they wish to extend their stay from a stopover located in Turkey. They must therefore go to an airport in the country to do so. For stopovers of less than 72 hours, the Turkish authorities do not require a specific visa for travelers.

What visa do I need for a stay longer than 90 days?

For the Belgian, French or Swiss traveler who falls in love with the country, it is possible once there to apply for a six additional months visa. You will then have to go to one of the prefectures of Turkey and should be waiting for your authorization for about a week. You will be asked for the following things:
• a valid passport valid for at least six months and a copy of it
• a ID photo in biometric format
• a proof of booking of your return ticket and a proof of accommodation
• a travel insurance working in Turkey
• a proof of financial resources for the entire duration of the stay

Turkish visa for children

If you are planning a family trip, you must take the children into consideration. The Turkish authorities require every person entering the Turkish territory to be in possession of a visa, including children and infants. For French and Swiss nationals enjoying the visa exemption, parents must be able to present an individual passport for each child when they arrive. Indeed, it is impossible to enroll children on their parents’ passports. Children of Belgian citizens have to get an electronic visa and the procedure will be the same as for their parents.

Traveling easily with an express visa

The administrative procedures it takes to get a visa is often perceived as a complicated one. Whether for lack of time or because of the what the consular authorities of the country of destination ask, this is a often a time-consuming and stressful task. Nevertheless, some companies offer express visa services for Turkey in order to make your life easier and prepare your trip to Turkey in the best conditions.

If you are not a citizen of a country eligible for the visa exemption, “E-Visa Application” helps you to get an express visa. If you make your request online before 11 pm, your electronic visa will be delivered to you by the next day, even on weekends. The site undertakes to correct any mistakes you may have made, facilitates the payment of the procedure and provides a customer service seven days a week.

Turkish Embassy in Paris, France

The visa application for Turkey largely depends on the nationality of travelers, the duration of their trip and the reason why they travel. While French and Swiss citizens are lucky to be exempted from a visa for short stays, this is not the case for Belgians. Similarly, as we have seen, the formalities for getting a work permit can be complicated. That is why it is advisable to be supported by a serious and competent intermediary company, which will often facilitate your administrative procedure with the Turkish authorities and allow you to prepare your trip with confidence.

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