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Apply for a visa to travel to Australia
You want to go to Australia? The visa application is an necessary to travel regardless of the length of your stay. You can apply for your visa online from home.

The electronic visa to stay in Australia
Since 2008, the authorities have introduced the use of electronic visas or e-visa in Australia for eligible countries. This is the easiest visa to get for European travelers. French, Belgian and Swiss citizens can request it. To travel to Australia with your e-visa, you can simply visit the official immigration website. You can then apply online for an eVisitor visa and get it free of charge and instantly if you meet the requirements.

Citizens of other countries such as Canada, for example, will have to apply for an ETA or Electronic Travel Authority visa. As e-visa, it gives you the possibility to stay for 3 months in the country several time within a year. However, unlike the eVisitor authorization, it will cost you 20 Australian dollars. This request cannot be made online for European citizens.

Getting your travel authorization

The application for an online authorization is similar to a traditional visa application. The form to be filled in is exclusively in English and can be entirely filled in on the Internet from your home. Go to the official Australian Immigration website, then choose the visa you want to apply for and follow the steps. Be sure to check the information you provide because an error would be problematic when entering Australia. It is no longer possible to correct the online form once you have submitted it. To ensure your peace of mind, be careful during this step.

No supporting documents are required during this procedure. However, you will need to indicate your passport number, which will then be checked at customs or at the airport so remember to have your passport when you start your online application.

What are the deadlines?

The time to get an eVisitor visa is usually very short. With an online application, approximately 90% of files are validated in less than one day. However, plan to make your request in advance to deal with a possible computer problem or if your case requires double checking, which could significantly increase the necessary time to get it. If you meet all the conditions for getting a visa, you will receive a form indicating your reference number by email. Print this confirmation to have it with you when going through customs.

Validity of the electronic visa

The validity period of the document begins on the date of its issuance. This is a one-year authorization. It allows you to enter the country as many times as you wish during the 12 months of validity of the visa. Each of your visits to Australia should not exceed a maximum period of 3 months. It will therefore be quite possible for you to spend 3 months in Australia, then to stay abroad before returning to Australia.

If an eVisitor visa cannot be extended when the validity period of the document expires, you can however request a new one. You will only be able to make this request if you are outside Australia. You will also be able to apply for another type of visa, such as a work visa for example.

What are the conditions to get it?

In order to get your travel authorization, you will need to meet several criteria. Among the conditions for getting a visa, you will first have to apply while you are outside Australia. In order for your file to be accepted, you must not have had any criminal convictions for which the sentences total 12 months or more, whether or not you have served them. Medically, you will not be allowed to travel to Australia if you have tuberculosis.

Once there, you will not be able to stay more than 3 months on the territory. If your aim is to stay longer, it is better to turn to another authorization such as the Visitor visa. Work is not allowed with this type of visa. However, you will be able to study on site, as long as the program of study does not exceed a duration of 3 months.

Good to know when traveling with children

Children will need a valid passport to travel to Australia. Also, if you plan to travel with children, don’t forget to apply for a visa for them. For under-aged people and grown-ups alike, the application procedure is the same when it comes to visa application.

Feel free to visit the official website of the French administration to get more information on the conditions of travel with a child. If they are not accompanied by both their parents, they must have a signed authorization in order to leave the country. It comes with a photocopy of the identity document of the person having parental authority.

Australian Embassy in Paris, France

  • Directions: 4, rue Jean Rey, 75724 Paris, Cedex 15
  • Telephone: (+33) 1 40 59 33 00
  • Fax number: (+33) 1 40 59 33 10
  • Email:[at] for general questions and[at] for consular and passport issues
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm then from 2pm to 4pm

Contact French Embassy in Australia

Do not hesitate to contact the Embassy of France in Australia in case of any problem on site, in particular in case of loss or theft of your passport or identity card.

  • Mailing address: Embassy of France, 6 Perth Avenue, Yarralumla ACT 2600, Canberra
  • Telephone: +61 (0)2 6216 0100
  • Email: information.canberra-amba[at]
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and then from 2pm to 4pm


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