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Apply for a visa to travel to Sri Lanka
Since 2017, European travelers will have the possibility to get an electronic authorization or e-visa
for Sri Lanka. If you plan to travel to Sri Lanka, you need a visa or an ETA. This document is
accessible with a visa application on the internet where you have to to fill out an online form.

Electronic visa to stay in Sri Lanka

The electronic visa to Sri Lanka is a visa available to tourists by the government of the country since January 1, 2012. Also known under the name ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization, this visa is a another option for a regular visa whose use is exclusively for tourism in Sri Lanka. Unlike a traditional visa, you can apply for this visa online. Thanks to an online form, your request can be sent from home without having to go to the embassy. This visa is only accessible for travelers from an eligible country, ie countries that fulfill the requirements. Among the European countries, France and Belgium are mentioned as eligible countries. French and Belgian people can therefore apply for the e-Visa and use it to make a tourist or a business trip to Sri Lanka. Module

Getting the travel authorization Form to Apply for Online Authorization

An electronic visa application is made the same way as a traditional visa application. You should first fill in the online application form. When it is done, take care of proofreading it before sending it. In case of error, the official document will not be issued and the amounts paid to cover the processing fees will not be refunded. Supporting documents, such as a photocopy of the passport or passport photos, must be sent as attachments. Once all information is validated, you will have to pay administrative fees with a credit card. The applicant will then receive a reference number by e-mail that will allow them to follow the progress of his file.

How long does it take?

The time to get this visa is fast but relies on the assessment of the application by the Sri Lankan authorities. The service sends you the document by e-mail immediately after it is received by the Sri Lankan government. It takes no more than 72 – and, best case scenario, just one day. If necessary, you can request an emergency visa. To check how to do so, you can look at the forms. The request is then treated 24 hours a day but each person has to pay more.

Validity of the electronic visa

As for the validity of the visa, it starts on the date of issue and includes a total of 180 days. It gives you the opportunity to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days included in this period. You can enter Sri Lanka a second time after the 30 days because this visa belongs to the double entry category. Moreover, you should have a return flight ticket in order to leave after 30 days. In the event that the validity period of your visa comes to an end, nothing prevents you from extending it on the spot at the immigration office. This paid action allows you to extend its duration up to 6 months.

What are the conditions to get your visa?

Several conditions must be respected for your visa to be delivered. Among these conditions, you are reminded once again that the visa is only valid for tourism in Sri Lanka. When applying online, you must be out of the Sri Lankan border. A mention on the financial means at your disposal is to be respected. You are required to prove that you have the financial means to travel to Sri Lanka. Regarding the stay, your passport must have a period of validity of at least 6 months. The count starts as soon as you arrive.

Things to know if you travel with children

It can be complicated to travel abroad with children are complex regarding your situation. As for grown-ups, the little ones have their specific files, which includes a visa. Also, you must also apply for an electronic visa for each child.

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