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Travelers ask more and more for e-visas.
Online application and travel authorization are simple and quick and taveling to Tanzania is becoming more accessible.Since November 2018, French and European travelers and citizens can apply for an online visa for this country and will not have to wait long. Dematerialization facilitates administrative procedures, avoids travel and is much faster than the so-called “classic” visa request.

Your electronic visa to stay in Tanzania
This e-visa was set up by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania to make the access to the country for foreigners easier. From now on, it is possible for French people to get a visa for this territory, either from the country’s embassy, upon arrival in the country, or online.

What are the different travel authorizations?

– Ordinary visa: issued for single entries, the validity of this visa is for a maximum period of 3 months and works for holidays, visits, leisure, any activity legally recognized by the law of the United Republic.

– The multiple-entry visa: for people with certain needs related to their activities who must regularly travel to this territory. Its validity may not exceed a year. The visa holder will nevertheless have to leave the country at least once every 3 months.

– Transit visa: issued for the purpose of crossing the territory to go to another country. This visa does not exceed 7 days. To get this visa you will need the visa of your country of destination.

– Business visa: for foreign workers who come to the country with a specific mission.

The steps to follow

To get an electronic authorization from Tourism on arrival, you must enter the country by an international flight, so either at Da Nang Airport, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) or Hanoi. A letter of invitation from immigration services may be required. This is an official Vietnamese document that guarantees entry upon your arrival. You can get the official authorization online. The request must be made to an organization specialized in the delivery of such a document.

This electronic visa request is done online and avoids you from traveling to the embassy or wasting your time once there. The documents required to issue the document depend on the type of visa required. However, for all electronic visas, it is necessary to have:

– A copy of the valid passport (minimum 6 months)
– One passport photo (recent, in colour and 35 mm wide and 45 mm high)
– A proof document for the type of authorization (flight, hotel reservation, work, mission)

Eligible entry points to the territory are Kilimanjaro International Airport and Julius-Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, the Namanga Land Border Crossing and the Tunduma Land Border Crossing.
Be careful during the online request as you are asked to choose between visiting mainland Tanzania and the Zanzibar archipelago.
After filling out the form and sending the supporting documents, the information must be processed and validated. After being validated, applicants get a number with which they can follow the progress of their file. Usually, it does not take more than 3 days for your application to be processed.
The visa validity starts from the date of issue and for a maximum stay of 180 days.

Validity of the electronic authorization

Thanks to this kind of visa, you can apply 10 days before your trip. No more endless queues where you wait and no need to plan your trip months in advance. This is especially useful for people who live in the countryside or far from the city where the embassy is located. Thanks to this electronic travel visa, this territory feels reachable and the country is becoming more and more accessible. With a 3 months travel, you will have time to choose your activities while taking your time.

A unique experience

This unique experience can be lived alone or with your family, but will in all cases makes you feel strong emotions and sensations. From safaris to heavenly stays in the Zanzibar Islands and to climbing Kilimanjaro, visiting national parks, visiting the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and discovering the local life, this trip will offer you incredible and unique memories that you can share with your loved ones to inspire them to travel to Tanzania.

Good to know when traveling with children

It can be complicated to travel abroad with children. As for adults, the smaller ones will need specific files to travel. This includes a visa. You should apply for an electronic visa for each of the children.

Embassy of Tanzania in Paris, France

If you need more information on how to make arrangements to travel with a child,
for whom you are responsible or not, visit the French reference site

  • 7 ter rue de Leonard de Vinci 75116 Paris
  • Tel: +33 1 53 70 63 66 66
  • Fax: +33 1 47 55 55 05 46
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm


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